We just happen to be there. Same place, same time. As if someone has called us in – to then disappear and let the strangers meet.

So, there we are.
Triangle in a pool.
Mercedes star.
Diving down, lying straight, exploring gravity under water.
Breathing in, breathing out. And out and out. And emptiness wooosh. And silence.
That deep roaring of water above and around us.

We’re floating on the surface.
Our ears wrapped in wet silent mystery.
Warm water makes us melt.
Gliding through soft touch out of this world.
Sister, we are safe. Held in the womb. Carried by our man.
And faces, faces touching, reaching.
And hands, hands tracing the soul of the lover.
Gravity’s outdated.
We’re lying in the water –a horizontal reflection of what Jesus once was.
Mingling bodies wrapped in the silence of love.
And the fire is burning.
A meeting of the elements.
And the fire grows.
…Desire, raw.
Cheeks, rosy.
…Shiva’s call.
Angel’s touch.
…Brown eyes focus straight
Blond curls tender gaze
Water we are.
Grabbing her legs around his. Feeling her behind him. Him inside me. Me in between the edge and the bodies, pushed to the verge of pleasure.
Three cells, one body. One celebration.
Endless gliding.
Floating love.

later in the world outside
when we leave the bubble
and ask for our names in the shower
I’m crying and laughing simultaneously
all coloured in deep gratitude.
Rolling over the grass
Leaning on the trees
I know
that there are no coincidences in life.

“The devotee whose voice is choked with emotion, whose heart melts out of love, who sobs again and again, and at times shaking off bashfulness begins to sing loudly and dance, sanctifies the whole world.”
Srimad bhagavatam

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