And then I found myself sitting by an old olive tree at the Sound & Silence Gathering in Corfu. Estas Tonne was taking us on an Internal Flight accompanied by Daniel Rojas who let his body be danced by the sound. And me, I let my pencil be played by the union of dance and sound. I don’t know what some of those sentences mean. Here you find them unedited, raw – chew them tenderly and feel what they submit to you. With big thanks and love to Daniel and Estas, and Axel Hebenstreit for providing the pictures. 

The king of the Samurai. How he pulls his sword eager to fight. How he directs it towards the place that was once lost. Where his nakedness is his strength. Where his force is moving us from every cell of his body. Ready to jump anytime, ready to hit the waves, to ride the waves and be hit by the tide. Cause nothing and no one can shake his will. Even the wildness of the ocean just reflects the power of his own center. Reinforces with every splash, every rolling wave where he must go, where he’s determined to go. Every so-called obstacle just something to withstand, a witty reminder of what he wants and where his passion lies.

Confronted in the face of delusion where the world knows no fear. Boundaries to express, sentences to be fought out. A tingling friction of pulsing life, floating from time to time in the stillness that comes from determination. Drinking the nectar of his own sweet remedies. Remedies that come from a clarity only few can ever taste. Remedies of one that has given himself to the path of the high-flying seagulls. No less than white doors above for them. No less than fires burning deep within the earth. Black and red playing a web of interwoven territories. Where the current of glowing lava takes everything from him. Where the cries of an old man manifest the achievement of his youth.

Rooted deep within the earth,

reaching for the highest of heavens –


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